How to: 6.60 plugins on 6.61

I’ve been asked this question a lot and in most cases it would be very difficult to have a generic solution to a problem like this. Usually the difference between two firmware versions is significant enough that a plugin tied to particular version has to be manually updated by a developer in order to work on a newer firmware. Fortunately, 6.61 and 6.60 are so similar, I can release a plugin that will fake the version back to 6.60.

I’ve only tested it with a few plugins, but seems to work as intended. I am not sure if there is a lot of 6.61 plugins, but you need to make sure your seplugin text file is ordered in the following way:

6.61 plugins
6.60 plugins

The method used to patched the version is incredibly simplistic and could do with refining, but I’ll leave that to the eager reader. Source is in the package

Download here.