6.61 Infinity

Some time ago I mentioned that a 6.61 (6.60 then) boot-time hack was possible. This doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but it actually has been almost a year since I mentioned it. Recently I’ve been rolling out actual device tests after many simulations and support software through the year. Last year all I had was a proof of concept and even then it was bare and barely touched. Today, I can now confirm that the boot-time hack works on PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000. This leaves only the PSPgo and E1000 left, both of which will require a little more fine tuning to conquer.

Other than the remaining devices, I still require a recovery menu/system for when unplanned “mishaps” occur. I’m not sure if people are still developing on the PSP, but I’d like to invite everyone to come and write a recovery for this system. The conditions presented is not like a normal PSP application so please get in contact and I’ll give you the information you require to get started. I would only recommend developers who are aware of the internal workings of the PSP. I don’t plan to have a complex application for recovery, so I’m looking for a good app that I can include as an official bundle for release.

Please, check out the PSP 3000 video demonstrating the working concept and let me know what you think on twitter.