PSVita Native Hack, c’mon devs!

Just to start, congratulation to yifanlu for his excellent work on gaining the first vita native hack. I’d like to note that I’m just relaying information from a forum post by yifanlu and did not have any input on yifanlu’s work, it’s all his!

Also, if you’re not a developer, please note that there is currently no way to run homebrew, colour your screen, download binaries, hack your device, make a milkshake from 10 miles away or such. This post is purely informational.

Continuing on, considering my audience gathers quite a few developers I think this post should complement the cause. So, if you don’t know, vita dev yifanlu has been looking around for developers who are interested in developing native software on the vita. He is calling out for developers to help him develop an ELF loader.

To quote his post:

As of right now, I have not tried compiling the code yet. It’s mostly just pieces of code for things like the ELF parsher, resolving NIDs using module exports and syscalls from both imports and exports and etc. I am basically looking for people with experience in HBL to help me finish this. Currently, I am missing code to clean the memory (releasing heap pointers, unloading all modules, deleting threads, etc). But mostly, I want critiques on the current code and how things could be improved or if any of my assumptions in the code could prove false. I have tried to make the loader very portable (for other future exploits) by having lots of error checks and only using functions imported from sceLibKernel (which should be loaded by every game). If you want to help, just fork the code and send me a pull request when you’re done.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the first community project for the vita, check out the coding standard for the project grab a copy of the source at his github repo and read the documentation.

As a personal tip, you can get into contact with yifanlu either by PM on the wololo forums or on IRC (if you prefer more IM like banter) at on channel #vitadev.

Happy coding!

Source: wololo forums post by yifanlu.